From Web Recovery Mode - Aastra phones:

Never force a phone into web recovery mode to try and resolve a problem. Only perform these steps if the phone is already in web recovery mode.

Web Recovery Mode allows you to instruct an Aastra phone to re-download basic configuration and firmware files. The phone enters web recovery mode if either of the following conditions occurs:

When an Aastra phone is in web recovery mode, the power will appear to come on the phone, but the LCD screen will remain completely blank, and you will be unable to use the phone.

If your Aastra phone exhibites these symptoms, please do the following:

 1. Disconnect the Aastra phone from power (or a PoE switch)
 2. Reconnect the power (or the PoE switch cable) and quickly press and hold 1 + #
 3. Hold the keys listed in Step #2 until the phone displays an IP address on the LCD screen
 4. Using a computer on the same subnet as the phone, browse to the IP address displayed on the LCD screen
 5. You should see two fields within this page:
       1. Filename:
       2. TFTP Server IP:
 6. In the Filename field, enter the name of the phone's firmware file.  Aastra firmware files are named <Model#>.st.  
       1. Firmware files are:


 7. In the TFTP Server IP field, enter the IP address of your trixbox Pro .
 8. Click Download Firmware
 9. The phone make take a few minutes to contact your server, grab firmware, then gather all required configuration files, and finally boot up completely.  At this point, you can once again use the phone normally.
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